Answers You Need

How much space is required for simulator setup?

Indoor setup:

15'W x 20'L x 10'H

Outdoor setup:

16'W x 30'L (Height not a factor)

How far in advance should I notify Tee Time of my event/party?

We usually need a heads up at least one month before your event, but there's a chance we may have an opening sooner, so please reach out!

How does the setup work? 

We'll arrive 1 hour before your event begins to ensure the simulator will be available for play during the entire rental duration

Can I bring my own equipment?

Tee Time will supply all equipment needed for both golf and multisport play, but please feel free to bring your own equipment if you would like.

What if we want both the Golf AND the Multisport/Arcade Option at our event?

Great! Event options are typically either Golf or MultiSport/Arcade, but we can bring the necessary equipment to play BOTH for a small upcharge. 

What kinds of weather conditions can the inflatable be used in?

Our inflatable can withstand light wind and rain.

Also, Tee Time will bring heaters during the cold months and fans when it's hot.